planet shader tutorial


So, a while ago I added a post that I was going to put up a planet shader tutorial on the internet.

And it’s going live on Friday!

A while ago a comment came in about to the Planet Shader tutorial I did years ago in Maya, asking for a video tutorial as they found them easier to follow. Well, I “ummed” and “aahhed” about it, considered if I had enough time to do it again in Maya and then thought, you know, why not?

But I decided I was not going to do it in Maya. I decided I was going to do it, in Blender.

I go on about how good this software is all the time. I use it more and more for modelling, making provisional designs in, and then passing them up to Maya for finishing. So I thought, “I need to make more use of this and this is a great excuse.”

After doing my first pass of the video, I decided I could do a better job, so I did, then I tried again and the third time I went “Yes!”

So on this Friday at 12.00pm GMT the first of my Blender Tutorials is going live in my youTube channel “GEN VFX”

Here’s the splash screen for the video:

planet shader tutorial on GENVFX

And you’ll be able to find the tutorial by following this link:

And just to let you know, I’ll be posting a new tutorial each Friday from that point on until I run out of ideas so that should keep me going for about a hundred years.

Take care and speak to you soon.

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