ONE BY ONE: Learn The Skin Modifier in Blender

I love Blender…I’m getting predictable, aren’t I..? I know it. But I do. Plus the modifier stack is ace. Nothing new, there’s been one in 3DSMax since it was 3D Studio.

One of those modifiers is called the Skin Modifier. it’s a way of taking all on the edges of your model and forming a cage around them, at the same time turning off the underlying structure, so it’s good for cages, fences and all sorts of structures like that.

The thing is it wasn’t meant for that. It was meant for making more organic shapes, either for rigging automatically to make trees or brachiating structures that needed animating or, more importantly, for prototyping simple models quickly as a base on which to develop, so it has been amazing for making simple creatures that can be worked up in sculpt mode.

As you’ll see here, I am no means a sculptor. there are far better people out there who can each you about that.

But I can show the principles of how to start making a structure that you can sculpt later.

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Take care and stay safe.