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  • How do I make a planet Shader in Blender?

    How do I make a planet Shader in Blender?

    You know, I’m glad you asked that! And Here you can find out exactly how to do that. The tutorial went live on Friday the 27th of November 2020 and from this point on there will be tutorials dropping every Friday for as long as I am able to do them. I’ve already started working […]

  • Lockdown Moments

    During the almost two months of safety isolation I have changed daily, and sometimes hourly, from mild complacency right through the trough of emotions all the way up to near fatal panic. I think we’ve all done this. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you’ve not been a little bit worried, then you should […]


    I created this a short while ago with Blender. Yep. It’s me talking about Blender again. As usual, it started as an accident. I was trying to create a fractal landscape using a subdivided grid, a subdivision surface modifier and a displace modifier with a cloud texture. By chance, moving through the cloud’s settings, I […]