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  • Terms to use, terms to avoid.

    As I was taking to my Counselor last week, every time I went to say the words, “Mental Health” I found myself pausing for a moment before saying it. Thinking about it as I was still in our session, I realised I was trying to find a word or phrase to go in it’s place. […]

  • Kinder Choirs – ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ (from lockdown!)

    This is the choir that one of my children was involved with until they recently decided education needed to take precedence. She was in the choir for almost 6 years, travelling around the locale as well as performing for war veterans in Normandy. Kinder Choir has been active for a long time and has a […]

  • Lockdown Moments

    During the almost two months of safety isolation I have changed daily, and sometimes hourly, from mild complacency right through the trough of emotions all the way up to near fatal panic. I think we’ve all done this. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you’ve not been a little bit worried, then you should […]