ONE BY ONE: Retopo like a Boss in Blender with the polybuild tool.

I love Blender… It’s cracking stuff.

It can do almost all the stuff that the big boy 3D software can do plus some of the stuff it can’t do as well. Compositing? Yes, to a certain extent. Video Editing? Yep, that’s not bad and getting better all the time.

Retopologising tools? Oh baby, you betcha!

Like in any 3D software, you need to flag a few things to get the tools top work best. Snap to surface, turn off back faces, but the best part of this is the polybuild tool. Once you’re set up, this tool does exactly what it says. It build polygons. It extrudes single edge, creates polygon triangles and quads at will. Add in the Mesh addon looptools, you can relax, space, and even stretch points in a single line to make surfaces that flow with the smoothness of a ballet dancer. Oooooo, that is smooth!

Here’s a less of a One by One, and more of a Few by Few, covering a bunch of things that will help you in retopologising anything from a car to a weird hippo creature called Beattie… Yep, I said a hippo creature called Beattie.

You want to see something not here? Then let me know in the comments. I’m always keen to help out where I can.

Take care and stay safe.

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