ONE BY ONE – Making animating oceans in Blender with the Ocean Modifier

I love Blender… It’s cracking stuff.

But back in the day, when I only really knew how to use Maya, I loved it’s Ocean shader.

It looked great, it worked great, but you could only preview sections of it in the scene with a funky little preview shape. Roll forwards several years and the Ocean modifier in Blender bares a strong resemblance to the Maya Shader, BUT (yes, it is a Big But. I like Big Buts and I cannot lie…) it is designed so you can see the whole of the surface in the viewport and, even better, you can see it in Eevee working in relative realtime with shading as well.

I still need to find out better ways to use some of the bits (spray should be accessible in the shader editor) but when I sort it, I will let you know.

Hop in, watch through as I go over as much as I possibly can in how to make the best of the Ocean Modifier.

You want to see something not here? Then let me know in the comments. I’m always keen to help out where I can.

Take care and stay safe.

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