ONE BY ONE: Secrets to making perfect displacement maps and using them in Eevee and in Cycles!

I love Displacements in Blender!

How about that for a switch! Making changes? It must be a Thursday!

But don’t worry, I still love Blender.

And I love the two different ways to make displacements in blender. The Displace Modifier is a lot more powerful that people give it credit for and, of course, you can view it in the viewport. The power of Eevee. But the old “experimental” way of doing it at render time is still pretty smart. In this one by one we start off in Krita explaining the right way to make a displacement map, then use it in both Eevee and Cycles to find out which is better. It’s a close call!

Anyway, onto the good stuff”

Take a look at the video below to find out more. Better still, subscribe to the channel and you’ll see a new one of these every week. Sometimes a “One by One” where we talk about what each part of blender does – at the moment we are concentrating on modifiers – other times tutorials on specific things or quick tips to make your life easier.

You want to see something not here? Then let me know in the comments. I’m always keen to help out where I can.

Take care and stay safe.

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