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One By One – the Array Modifier

There’s lots to get your head around in Blender, but when addressed one at a time, you can see the potential in all of them.

So I decided I would start a special stream of tutorials whih concentrate on each of the modifiers.

There are tutorials on the web that go through all of the modifiers in one big rush, and they’re pretty damned cool, but I wanted to do each one as fully as possible in a single video.

So here is the first one – the Array Modifier. It’s a bit epic, truth be told. It’s a lot more powerful than a simple instance and, coupled with another modifier, it produces things that would take ages to do by hand.

Anyway, please watch the video, leave a comment, and if you can think of something you wanted to know how to do in Blender drop me a line and I’ll make a tutorial for it if I can!

Take care and stay safe.

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