make a planet shader part2

How To Make a Planet shader in Blender – Part 2!

Well, you know, when you want a job done right, you had better make a bit more effort.

If you followed the first Planet shader Tutorial, [Link here] then this is a must see as it adds all the things that the planet shader was really missing. Yep, clouds, atmosphere and city lights on the dark side.

In it we use multiple voronois to create a random-ish city block lighting system as well as a method for the clouds that is very similar to the landscape fractals. And then we add that atmosphere!

Please watch the video, leave a comment, and if you can think of something you wanted to know how to do in Blender drop me a line and I’ll make a tutorial for it if I can!

You can get the final scene here too.

You don’t have to give me any money, just set it to £0 and you’ll get it too, but if you liked this, please subscribe, follow me in Instagram at @gen_vfx and keep coming back here for more tutorial goodness.

Take care and stay safe.

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