Kinder Choirs – ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ (from lockdown!)

This is the choir that one of my children was involved with until they recently decided education needed to take precedence.

She was in the choir for almost 6 years, travelling around the locale as well as performing for war veterans in Normandy. Kinder Choir has been active for a long time and has a thriving alumni.

However, as for all group activities, Covid-19 has all but closed it down. Or so I thought.

A while before these circumstances, a new tutor was brought on-board to help out the fabulous matriarch who runs the choir. A youthful, happy, forward thinking man whom all the children in the choir respect and love. And he is not the sort of person who lets a silly virus get in the way of singing, no sir.

So he contacted and then sent each chorister the lyrics and music for the above song, then each recorded their own voices and this amalgum is the result.

I love this choir. As an active parent involved in a lot of the back stage jobs and the ferrying around of my child, as well as others on occasion, it has always been a pleasure to be involved. Listening to this is a testament to the hard work and joy that the people involved put into everything they do.

I hope it touches your heart as much as it touches mine.

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